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Kantis Simmons

Kantis Simmons

Former NASA Scientist, Renowned Speaker and Author, Kantis Simmons is on a mission.

Former NASA Scientist, Renowned Speaker and Author

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As the nation’s leading school success strategist he’s aiming to put an end to the academic failure epidemic, teacher turnover rate, and trillion dollars student loan debt crisis sweeping across America’s schools and colleges.

• 7,000 students drop out every single school day

• 1.3 million students fail to graduate from high school every year

• 33% of college freshmen graduate (in 5 years or less) and find a job in their field

• 46% of new teachers quit within the first five years,

• The United States has dropped to #17 after once being #3 in STEM careers.

In spite of these disturbing numbers, Kantis is winning and helping others do the same.

The schools that go through his “Play Your ‘A’ Game” Academic Success program are seeing a 15% - 23% improvement in student performance and test scores. More and more students and families are equipped to go to college because of his “Pay For College” funding strategies. Educators are more fired up today, and schools are retaining more teachers due to his “Educate To Elevate” teacher motivation program.

With a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Norfolk State University (Norfolk, VA), a Master of Science degree in Polymer Science & Engineering from Lehigh University (Bethlehem, PA), and a Master of Science degree in Textile and Fiber Engineering from Georgia Tech (Atlanta, GA), he's passionate about science and education.

Kantis’ career includes developing new products for Mobil Chemical Company (Covington, GA), creating new contact lens products for CIBA Vision (Johns Creek, GA), and improving aircrafts, space shuttles and military jets for NASA Langley Research Center (Langley, VA).

After more than a decade of working in the lab solving scientific problems for the government and corporate industries, today he travels the world solving the problems of students, parents, educators, schools, and colleges by delivering speeches, creating courses, and writing books.

Growing up with a birth defect and all the mental discomfort that comes with that, audiences readily respond when Kantis shares his humorous and proven 7.25 Secrets on academic success, college readiness, teacher motivation and STEM education.

To see Kantis in action, read his advice, watch his videos, or hear of his success stories visit or contact him at or call 844-445- 2684.