Naomi Meredith

K-5 STEM Coach M.Ed. in STEM Leadership

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Naomi Meredith is an online K-5 STEM Coach in Colorado supporting elementary teachers world-wide navigate the best practices, strategies and tools out there. Naomi has over a decade of experience teaching, 5 years teaching elementary STEM, along with a M.Ed. in STEM Leadership and STEM Certificate.

She offers a variety of tools to help teachers feel successful teaching STEM to their elementary students through lesson plans, online courses, coaching and speaking events.

She even hosts the podcast, The Elementary STEM Coach where she discusses actionable strategies, lesson ideas and meaningful hosts to continue to support each week and The STEM Career Quest Podcast to help elementary students learn more about what they might want to be when they group up or discover new possibilities in the world of STEM.

She truly believes that any teacher out there can learn how to use STEM, innovation and hands-on learning in their classrooms effectively. She can’t wait to connect with you and be your guide!

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Wonder Workshop Themed STEM Stations

May 07, 2024, 09:00 PM
Naomi Meredith