Aspen Meineke

Being Human in an AI World: Empowering Students Through STEM and SEL

A Talk by Aspen Meineke (Business Professional, Aspen Meineke Consulting)

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65% of students starting school today will have a job in the future that currently does not exist. This statistic highlights the rapid pace of technological advancements and societal changes that will shape the future landscape of careers and industries. With the increase in advancements like artificial intelligence (AI) the role of educators become crucial in preparing students for a future that will look drastically different from today's world.

To effectively prepare students for this rapidly evolving future, educators need to adopt innovative approaches that go beyond traditional educational practices. One effective strategy is to implement social-emotional learning (SEL) techniques into the STEM classroom. By combining the development of technical skills with the cultivation of social and emotional competencies, educators can set students up for success not just in the classroom but also in their future careers.

In this talk, we will discuss various social emotional learning techniques and how STEM educators can help guide their students in combining their personal passions and STEM knowledge to build a career- on their terms.

May 08, 2024, 07:00 PM

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07:00 PM - 07:30 PM

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Aspen Meineke

Aspen Meineke

Business Professional, Aspen Meineke Consulting