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Can Robots teach Growth Mindset?

A talk by Karen Van Egmond
Teacher, School District 34

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About this talk

This session is a practical presentation of research findings in a Master of Education capstone project. In this study, Growth Mindset and Habits of Mind were introduced to elementary students through scaffolded lessons while using Dash and Dot robots in an inclusive STEM classroom. Structured lessons that taught elements of Growth Mindset and Habits of Mind allowed the students to participate in different ways of knowing and learning. This participatory action research demonstrates that when students practice Growth Mindset behaviours, their attitudes toward school and potential academic achievement improve. Using the Habits of Mind-- persistence, communication, metacognition, interdependence and risk-taking-- students were able to demonstrate a greater awareness of the power of yet and increased their understanding of learning in community and in the core competencies. In addition, teacher attitudes of the experience of co-teaching, and reflective practice are explored and discussed.