Rudrani Ghosh Srishti Sethi

Introducing ZubHub: Your Documentation & Collaboration Hub for Activity-Based Learning

A Talk by Srishti Sethi and Rudrani Ghosh

About this Talk

In this session, our aim is to introduce you to ZubHub, a documentation and collaboration platform designed for activity-based learning. Developed by a team of educators and technologists at Unstructured Studio, a small Canadian non-profit operating in India, ZubHub embodies a grand vision: to engage children from underserved communities worldwide in creative learning experiences. ZubHub’s design is inspired by the research of one of its founders at the MIT Media Lab, specifically within the research group responsible for creating Scratch!

ZubHub’s objective is to serve as a Wikipedia-like encyclopedia for activity-based learning. Every ZubHub user receives a personalized portfolio, detailing their projects, earned badges, and activity log. Moreover, ZubHub offers customizable solutions for schools, libraries, hackerspaces, and educational organizations. Alternatively, you can host your own ZubHub tailored to your educational content and community!

Through this session, we hope to prompt educators to consider how ZubHub could revolutionize classrooms, hackerspaces, libraries, and beyond. We invite reflection on how ZubHub can address existing gaps and make the most of untapped opportunities in educational settings.

May 06, 2024, 06:00 PM

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06:00 PM - 06:30 PM

About The Speakers

Srishti Sethi

Srishti Sethi

Co-founder, Unstructured Studio

Rudrani Ghosh

Rudrani Ghosh

Learning Program Manager, Unstructured Studio