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Live - Inspired by Culture: Exploring Masks (Hands-on Activity)

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About this talk

In many cultures throughout the world, masks have a significant role, from funerary rituals to yearly celebrations. In this session we will learn a little about the role of masks in cultures and use that to inspire the creation of our own mask during the session. We will explore some examples, techniques, and how to tie culture into your projects to create long-lasting experiences.

Participants will be provided with printable templates to build along during the session. This can be downloaded ahead of time here. You can follow along with what materials you have available (cardstock, craft foam, etc)

Recommended materials:
Cardboard (typical shipping box thickness) Scissors/Craft knife Craft foam (a variety pack or your favorite colors including white) Hot Glue (regular white glue works, just takes longer to set)

Optional materials: Aida Cloth (Cross stitch fabric) or plastic cross stitch perforated sheets to allow mask to be seen through without showing wearers eyes

Acrylic paint

By the end of this session, participants will be able to talk about a culture learned. How to use culture for inspiration and share that experience through Making.

Download Additional Materials from Mitchell

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