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Sparking Curiosity - Fuelling the Flames of Creativity and Innovation

A talk by Beth Doiron and Celine Gallien
Anglophone East School District and Anglophone East School District

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About this talk

Are you interested in sparking curiosity and innovation in your classroom to provide a more learner-centred focus? In this workshop, you will explore activities that promote a sense of wonder and encourage all students to ask questions and pursue answers in meaningful ways, all while being immersed in a transdisciplinary setting. Our workshop will showcase three learner-centered activities where participants will explore hands-on ways to make learning meaningful. We will explore methods developed by some of our favourite pedagogues and discuss how we are using them as springboards for creativity in the classroom. We will connect outcomes to competencies such as communication, visualization, reasoning, problem solving and making connections. Participants will do so by taking part in exploration activities, viewing student created samples where they will be tasked to answer questions and lastly, collect and share data through a transdisciplinary experience.  In these current times, most teachers have been forced to think outside of the classroom walls; however, it has opened up the idea that a classroom can be anywhere! We are proposing investigative sparks that students can explore in a variety of settings and classroom situations, live or virtual.