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Tis the Season for S.T.E.A.M: Learning about Holidays and Cultures with STEAM Tools and Techniques

A talk by Mitchell Gorbunoff
Teacher, Linden Public Schools

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About this talk

In 2021, Educators are recognizing that students' exposure to diverse cultures and practices are crucial to building equity in education and changing cultural norms. Introducing holidays and Traditions is an excellent way to begin that process.

In this workshop, we will use STEAM tools including a Dash Robot, LED Lights, Micro:bit and LEGOS along with engineering principles to create fun and engaging projects that also introduce children to cultural events and Holidays that are important to communities different from there own.

In this Session, We'll create a light up necklace for our Dash Robot using a Microbit and LED lights while starting our Mardi Gras Parade, We'll Invent a cart for Dash to wear while it delivers mithai for Diwali, and finally we'll use Dash to recreate the origin of Juneteenth. Where General Gordon Granger rode through the city of Galveston and announced the end of slavery